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Hit the ground running

July 7, 2011

Yesterday we met some of the NID staff who will be helping us orientate ourselves in the big new world of a new uni. They’ve been lovely and have taken care of us very well. Internet has been set up, a major achievement, as well as the discovery that the IT centre and the Library are air-conditioned. We’ve been given some good project ideas and a list of subjects to choose from.

There is an old temple right in the middle of the campus. It is closed now, but it was built by one of the two influential families in Ahmedabad (rumoured to be a result of a dare made by the other influential family) and the dome is so strong that in an earthquake in the 2000’s it was the only building unnaffected.

The monsoon is 20 days late so no mosquitoes yet, but there are peacocks wandering the campus. The one in the photo was actually trying to seduce the student with his glossy feathers and tail-feather shaking, we didn’t point out his mistake. There are also lots of dogs, cats, monkeys and cows wandering the streets.

We’ve made a few student friends, who have taken us under their wing and shown us around and taken us to see the sights and smells of Ahmedabad. We would be lost without them.

So it’s all happening!

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