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July 14, 2011

Rooya’s Birthday!

Birthday lunch at Greenhouse, the restaurant of a very classy hotel in the Old City. Above, Samosa and Rose Lassi.

Ice coffee and Faluda, a pink, musk flavoured, jelly drink.

Fresh lime soda. The glass comes with the lime juice, then you add the soda and sugar syrup.

Panipuri; puffs that you fill with the green juice, then pop straight in your mouth. Food shots!

The birthday girl with the biggest balloon ever, from Reliance Mart of course.

Rooya’s present, a sexy rain hat from the Old City.

After a hot and sweaty hour of trudging, finally found a sweet shop (this was one of the two cakes they had). But their collection of Indian sweets was amazing. And they kept giving me bits to taste. No complaints there.

The boys had fallen asleep (party poopers) so we had an NID girls cake party till the wee hours of the morning. We were just going to wait till the morning, but the girls said the cake MUST be cut on the day of the birthday, no excuses.

They also said that Rooya had to be fed the top part of the cake.

The aftermath…

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