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Access Audit

July 18, 2011

A clue of what is to come.

An excellent lecture by Ms. Geeta Sharma on how India is changing to be more inclusive. She is a member of the Access Resource Group, a multidisciplinary group that work toward gaining access for all. They have been working on a draft that is now being reviewed in parliament  for a government act that would make universal design a law. Ms. Sharma is also a member of UNNATI, a NGO working for social inclusion.

Trying to explain what is for lunch while being temporarily deaf and dumb.

We all had a disability over lunch time. Trust me, it is not easy to serve yourself food while using crutches. There were lots of blind people helping quadriplegics and deaf/dumb people helping those with crutches.

Discussion about accessibility and how it felt to have a disability for an hour. Unfortunately this didn’t change the fact that many comments were made in Hindi or Gujarati and we couldn’t understand! Not very accessible to us!

Praveen, Product Design lecturer, enjoying his wheelchair.

Evaluating the NID grounds for accessibility. Professor Yatin Pandya explaining how this area could be more accessible. Turns out every single ramp and signpost is not inclusively designed. We will be working a bit more on the audit later, and NID plans to put the results into action.

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