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Momentary Gridlock

July 23, 2011


Roads in India & Australia seem to have only one thing in common- Asphalt.

At first it may appear there are no rules when using the road, as you notice an Auto Rickshaw driving into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road. There are however a few basic rules, or should that be serving suggestions?

  • Size wins (TATA truck beats Activa scooter 365days a year)
  • You may slow down, but avoid stopping at all costs
  • When you must stop at traffic lights, bunchate as much as possible ie. almost touch the vehicle in front of you & let bikes fill all available gaps
  • Disregard indicators & mirrors- just use excessive horn when around others. Ok please?
The effect becomes a swelling mass of people, constantly merging & intersecting in all directions like a 360° zipper, or perhaps human pachinko
Interestingly, road rage is virtually non-existent in India. Is it that people are in less of a hurry? Or do Australian motorists feel more entitled on ‘their’ roads? Whatever the case, it is a marvel to see masses of commuters cooperating & moving as one.
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