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August 9, 2011


Click above for a closer look.

Each building in Udaipur has a rooftop restaurant. Though the quality ranges a lot, the views are always nice. And because the old James Bond film Octopussy was filmed here, all the restaurants always play the movie every night at 7.30.

A view of the summer palace, on the lake (there is also a winter palace in the city and a monsoon palace on the mountain). The main parts of Octopussy were filmed on the island. Now a guesthouse, Madonna was staying there last time Karl was in Udaipur.

Our Room


You can see the monsoon palace perched on the mountain.

They had to put a ban on building in Udaipur because they just kept building little additions, trying to have ‘the highest rooftop’.

The house of a lord and lady

Puppet reenactment of the Marahana and his court.

They have a gallery down below with modern art by students.

Monsoon Palace

View from the palace as the rain rolls in.

Udaipur’s Tourist trade

Udaipur is known for it’s tourism trade as well as it’s silver, leather and miniature paintings. It seems everyone there is a crafts person.

Yeah, he ripped me off.

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