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A weekend in Mumbai

August 22, 2011

Welcome to Mumbai! Our friend Aanchal invited us down for the weekend for a Lakme Fashion Parade and some funtimes.

The space underneath overpasses is hot real estate/storage space in Mumbai.

The old Ambassador and Premier Padmini taxis are everywhere, you don’t need to wait for more than five minutes to find a vacant one. They feel a lot safer than an auto but with no a/c you almost wish they didn’t have doors.

The Gateway of India, or as I call it the big ‘Britain was here’ stamp.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

We Aussies love seeing posters for this movie. Aarakshan, sounds like….

Walking along Marine Drive.

This spot at the end of the promenade is in many a Bollywood movie and Indian tourists love to take photos here. So how could we resist?

We made quite an impression.

Preparing for fashion week.

We pretended we were living in Shantaram (compulsory India reading) and had a drink at Leopold’s cafe. It was jam packed with other Shantaram reading gora (whitefolk).

Pizza by the Bay. Yum.

Whisky in a mini popper? When will such genius reach Australia?

Our first Indian night club experience at Tryst. Follow the link, it’s an interesting read on what Indian clubbers want from their venues. Apparently VIP status is extremely important, which explains why all the tables are on pedestals and were booked out. We were told we could sit at them only until the other customers arrived. There were no other chairs. We were obliged to dance. Also, the lights react to the music and human behaviour. And they played ‘Barbara Streisand,’ made me homesick.

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