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Jaipur Foot

August 24, 2011

An amazing invention by Jaipur citizens Ram Chandra Sharma, a craftsman, and Dr P. K. Sethi, an orthopedic surgeon. Started in the 70’s, the organisation has been giving this prosthetic limb to those in need for no cost at all with transport and accommodation during fitting also covered, thanks to donations. The genius of the limb is that it allows you to run, jump, squat, swim, climb trees and bicycle and costs only about 1500 Rs (a little over AUD31) to make.

The foot allows virtually the same movement of a normal foot, a challenge that many other prosthetic limbs are still facing.

The foot is very light, 1.5 kg for below the knee fittings, and has a life expectancy of around three years.

Each Jaipur Foot is individually made from measurements and casts of the stump, taking less than a day for the whole process.

In my systems design class at NID, we’re looking to work with Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samati (BMVSS) who make the Jaipur Foot. With all the global customers they are quickly gaining, they are looking for ways to allow the foot to be provided overseas without the patient having to come to India to get themselves measured and the limb tailor made.

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