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Visit to Dada Hari ni vav (step well)

August 29, 2011

As seen by google maps

A short distance north of Ahmedabad’s main train station lies one of the best preserved step wells in India. Unfortunately our Auto driver had never heard of it so I directed him with some help from google maps on my phone.

Our unshakeable, self-appointed guide shadowed us as we explored the sinking depths, muttering notable dates & pointing out recommended photograph angles. He spoke very little English but he did mention that the step well was constructed around 1500AD, as well as showing a wall plaque recording the highest water level. I was pleased to find the well empty as it would have surely been putrid & rubbish strewn, like every other open water source I’ve seen in the sub continent.

With exquisite carvings from the same era and style as Ahmedabads SidiSaiyyad mosque, Dada Hari is definitely worth exploring. The next step well on my list is the largest of them all, Chandi Baori

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