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Jaipur Snapshots

September 10, 2011

The mean auto drivers that charge ridiculous prices and take you the long way.

I think this market was in celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, the Hindu festival celebrating the god Ganesha.

Honey and I having the best lassi of all time.

Honey being badgered by the puppet man. ‘100 rupee? 50 rupee? Ok, 30 rupee. 10 rupee? Just take it, please just take it!!’

Experiencing life at Honey’s height.

These guys wanted their picture taken. I love their pose. Indian guys here are very touchy feeling with their friends, yet most of the population is homophobic.

Niros, the mirrored restaurant

The royals entrance to the City Palace (commoners enter through the side gate).

When he saw Honey taking the picture, he paused and posed with his recorder.

A BMVSS tricycle out and about in Jaipur with a jugaad canopy. Jugaad is Hindi for makeshift or improvising, but without the negative connotations. Seriously, everything here is jugaad in some way.

Just before the non-stop rain.

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