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City Palace

September 11, 2011

This courtyard in the City Palace has structures that were used to make astronomical observations and calculations.

There is a viewing platform for each starsign, each could only be used at certain times (a second after this photo was taken Rooya was told off for standing on the steps).

Each starsign has a symbol, here is Libra.

These Indian tourists wanted a photo with me. I said ok. Then they each wanted individual photos with me. I got annoyed. I suspect that by now they all claim to have a new, white, girlfriend.

The welcome hall in the City Palace.

Sneaky shots in the textile museum, courtesy of Honey the rebel.

The Indian royals really took to Polo while India was occupied by the British, and they were very good at it. The women used to play at night so their faces could not be seen, using this ‘Fiery Ball’. A candle was lit inside, and the mechanism meant that it always remained upright as the ball moved.

Pigeons aren’t fussy here, all they want is a chandelier to call their own.

Details on one of the doors.

All photo credit to Hannelore.

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