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Braiding Errol

September 12, 2011

Errol Pires is a former NID student and current faculty member. He has spent his life perfecting the art of ‘ply-split braiding,’ a unique technique used in certain parts of India to make stunning camel straps that take months, even years, to construct. He has altered the technique to enable the making of all sorts of new shapes and patterns, in new and old material. Every morning, from 7-9am, he teaches the technique to anyone who wants to know. Sadly we struggle to wake up that early, but we’ll get there one day! The exhibition is mind blowing but I wish I could also show you photos of his office. All this work was somehow squeezed in to make the most curiosity-filled office space you can imagine.

A headpiece made with metal washers braided into it.

An intricately braided dress and a necklace made from coins from the time of British occupation.

Errol’s current project is an 8 foot tall version of his rainbow tuft vessels. It will be quite impressive!

Errol makes the cord himself on a self-made spinner.

A rainbow tartan. To die for.

Spin-offs of the traditional camel strap.

All work in the photographs is handmade by Errol Pires.

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  1. September 13, 2011 12:15 am

    They’re beautiful!
    I wonder if Harry’s owl is named after this guy.

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