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Delhi bites

September 22, 2011

Dilli Haat, a food and craft bazaar in Delhi.

Momos! Chicken dumplings, delicious. Nice to have them again while our local momo spot, TIB, is closed down for a while.

Fruit beer (non-alcoholic). Delicious, but the bees thought so too. None of us could drink more than half before the bees crawled inside our straws and drowned in the glass. Even with a foil cover.

Our oh-so-comfortable mode of transport. A/C and seatbelts! Oh my!

At the Khan Market, indulging Rooya’s other addiction (besides Frooti juice), macaroons.

Our hotel room balcony. The hotel had a pool! After all the Ahmedabad pools having a women’s swimming time of 1-4pm and a membership policy, it was so nice to just dive in. Although I first tried that at 9.30pm when it had just closed, luckily I was desperate enough to get in a 7.30 the following morning for a few laps. So good.

A jumping castle at a food court. Awesome.

All the amazing Indian sweets at Bikanervala. My favourites are the ones covered in silver leaf, mostly because they are shiny. Mallika loaded us up with a few months supply, so we’ll be very happy ladies and will make lots of friends trying to get through it all.

Another delicious lassi in a clay cup, this time kesaria flavoured.

Raj kachori, a kind of giant panipuri.

Chola bhaturas, a North Indian dish recommended by a friend as a New Delhi specialty. Put simply it is spicy chick peas with fried bread It’s delicious.

Hitting the New Delhi Malls with the gals. Forever 21, and they’ve had Zara for years. Sydney and Melbourne are way behind Delhi on shopping terms.

Colourful display. Belgian chocolates made in Dubai with Australian macadamia nuts, sold in New Delhi.

Manicure time. In the background are a million different scented body washes and a million different scented hand sanitizers.

The happy couple, showing off their new bling and matching nails.

The grand finale, a buffet lunch at The Leela. There was a salad, Italian, Indian, sushi, Chinese and desert section. Mmm indulgence, and at a ridiculously good price.

Photo credits: Mallika, Rooya, Lucy

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  1. September 23, 2011 4:29 am

    Im so jealous. I wanna go back now! Everything looks so delish, and the SHOPPING! omg.

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