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Goats and fish

October 4, 2011

We saw these structures from afar and had to investigate. It turned out that it was a whole cluster of what I’d call worship rooms. Inside is an orange stone or two with googly eyes. They’re around in most of the cities and villages, but we’d never seen so many together. We’re not sure exactly what they are for.
One of the goats kept sneezing. It had a very fart sounding sneeze.The goatherds flying kites to pass the time.

One of the sad things about India is the common disregard for waste. It’s everywhere, no matter how beautiful the nearby waterfall or centuries old temple is. It’s such a different attitude to what we’re used to.

After this we took the scooters on a tour and came across this fishing village.

Taking photos of the tourists. We made quite a scene. Everybody stopped what they were doing to look at us.

You can see the fish drying on the racks.

More fish! The smell was quite impressive. These ones are nearly dry and look like deep sea creatures with giant jaws relative to their bodies and long, needle like teeth.

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