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Diu come again!

October 5, 2011

So my Diu experience didn’t go as I had imagined it would…

The 11 hour bus ride to Diu wasn’t that bad, except for the last couple of bumpy hours which tossed me and Lucy around in the double sleeper we were sharing.

We didn’t waste a second. The boys went to rent scooters while we “hid” in the park. The beach side ride was amazing! We had brunch at Dub Chick by the beach. Then some ice cream. Then went to the market to buy sunnies for Pat as he was having a sunglass fail (he was trying to wear his sunnies which was missing an arm. It even fell off while he was riding his scooter! But he picked it up and continued to wear it…) Then we went to the caves, where I anticipated the attack of the dogs. It was a fear that had built up in me after hearing Roz’s story. (She had gone to Diu two weeks earlier with the boys and had an encounter with some dogs)

In my Indian experience, of trying everything new, I needed to learn how to ride the scooter. So at 6pm, (on the first day) we went to a quiet spot, which was literally infront of a hospital. I remember thinking to myself, how ironic! Anyways, Karl had shown me how to use it. And eager me went for a ride, literally, within 5 seconds, i started to panic because I couldn’t get it to stop. And in that moment, I had forgotten everything I had been told and held on for dear life. In the process, I accelerated even faster, and then I held on even more, and accelerated faster and further into a wall which was half my height. I grazed my left leg, left hip, left arm, left side of my face and my chest. The most painful is the one on my hip. I currently cant bend my left knee and can only limp walk. But the doc said it shall get better in 2 weeks!

Anyways, back to the story…As I was about to hit the wall, I saw white, which was kind of cool. But that didn’t last long as I woke up with pain and my friends untangling me from the scooter. I immediately felt my hip hurting so I checked straight away and almost died after seeing that. Probably the worst wound I have gotten ever! Karl kindly carried me up the stairs to the hospital. It was empty! There was a hospital bed in the corridor where I laid. Luckily there was a doctor around. He checked me and made me lift my leg. I couldn’t lift it. A male nurse came and gave me two injections, one was tetanus and the other a painkiller, oh that painkiller was good! Then he tended to my wounds and i had to wait 15 minutes to be escorted to the next hospital. That 15 minutes turned out to be 30 minutes or even more! Meanwhile, mozzies had creeped up on me, out of nowhere. I think my blood must be really tasty because I tend to be the “mozzie magnet”. And they weren’t normal mozzies either. They were twice as big as the normal ones!

Finally, I got taken to the other hospital by a Samuel L. Jackson lookalike ambulance driver. Lucy was in the ambulance with me and the boys had rode their scooters down. The nurses watched me and asked Lucy to take me to the X-ray room! Which of course, Lucy did, as none of them were eager to help Samuel L. Jackson carry the other side of the stretcher. Apparently, there was a crowd at my arrival. In the X-Ray room, there was a nurse who was ready to roll me over from the stretcher onto the hospital bed. First of all my wound was on my front left lower hip. Second of all, is she mad? I’m already in pain! I had to tell her no! Karl and Pat had to help me onto the bed. I wonder what happened to the crowd that had been there earlier. Thank you for watching and not doing your job!

It was an old school X-Ray machine! And it did a great job of getting a scan of my hip and my knee. Everything seemed to be all clear. Karl came over and told me that the doctor was still a bit uncertain as I had a problem lifting my leg up, and suggested I see an orthopaedic surgeon in Una, which was 13 km away.

Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson was still around, and he escorted all four of us to Una in his ambulance. It was a bumpy ride, except this time I wasn’t lying on a metal stretcher! Yay!

Arrived in Una, and finally, a surgeon who talked to me, instead of talking to my friends in another room, I knew what was going on. Basically I’m fine, yay! I have superficial abrasions except for the one on my hip which is a deep one, which is the only one that really hurts! It will take 2 weeks to recover and in the meanwhile he told me I have to lay in bed, do leg exercises and take meds everyday.  Though I have started walking because I don’t want to be in bed all day, every day for the next two weeks. But I am taking it slow so I don’t cause another injury in the process.

This was my first real accident, so it was kind of exciting, but at the same time very painful!  Of all the places in the world, it happened in India! It was an experience! I would have not survived if my friends had not been there! They are amazing! (I love you guys 🙂 my family in India, I will miss you!) Apparently the crash looked pretty bad and they were expecting me to have some serious injuries, which thankfully I didn’t yay!

So my Diu experience was ruined but I still tried to have fun! I had all my meals in bed the next day! Watched TV and memorized all the movie channels. And I was joined by the rest of the gang at random times of the day. Watched mostly superhero/action movies, such as Superman II with Christopher Reeve! Some good quality TV watching time was spent together!

I started walking again on the second last day. We went out for dinner to Dub Chick and I sat on the back of the scooter! Karl went super slow every time there was a speed bump.  But that 11 hour bus ride back to Ahmedabad was the worst! I didn’t realise that it was bumpy for most of the way! I’m sorry Diu, I won’t be coming back again!

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