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October 10, 2011

A few great Indian websites…

Ugly Indians

“Cynics are not welcome.
By entering this site you accept that:
We Ugly Indians are part of the problem and only we can solve it.
Foreigners may enter – but secretly!
We Indians are very conscious of what you think!”

These guys prove that with a bit of ingenuity, patience and trust, you can solve a lot of problems on India’s streets very simply. For example, they repainted a paan stained wall and by making it more appealing to look at, discouraged people spitting on it in the long term.



Similarly, I paid a bribe combats corruption by asking you to report where you paid or declined a bribe. It’s a well known problem all over India, but we personally have not come across it yet. As students we’re possibly the worst begging/bribing target but, in terms of beggars, the colour of our skin makes them see dollar signs.
These two sites were found through the blog above, Diary of a White Indian Housewife. An insight to India that has both the serious and hilarious sides of the country. Enjoy.
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