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January 16, 2012

The Tibetan School.

The Golden Fish (Matsya), one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. All eight are painted on the driveway to the school.

You may not be able to tell from this photo, but it is mighty steep!

The road up to the Buddhist shrine, Dorje Ling. Beggars hope pilgrims will be generous on their way to worship.  Due to the number of Hindu locals and visitors, it now also acts as a Lord Shiva place of worship. Both cultures exist side by side.

Beware of monkeys that steal your Nikes! But seriously, don’t let them know you have food, they’re vicious.

Honey’s dad is currently building a Tibetan museum. It is underneath the Tibetan cultural school and already looks quite impressive. The Dalai Lama has agreed to donate a few items, so I’m sure Mr Dekeva won’t be disappointed.

Honey and I came across this stall, which offers many plastic alternatives to household tools that are traditional woven from leaves or bark. The business’ slogan is that their products are strong enough to hold the weight of a truck. This so impressed one of the hotel staff that she came home with the grain sieve (the purple scoop toward the bottom centre of the photo). Though it would be tougher and cheaper over a few years, is it really worth the environmental and cultural losses? Not a question that most of their customers would ask themselves.

Marigold strings as decoration for Diwali and pretty much anything else.

A dog with a red tilaka, he probably participated in his families Diwali ceremonies.

More delicious, fried Indian street food made in a jugaad kitchen.

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